Automated Systems for Accounting (CRM, ERP)

Our company is an expert in developing automated systems for accounting in different countries. These systems allow to facilitate the work of accounting department, keep accounting records and draw up reports. Some of the systems are additions to already existing systems. Here follows the list of tasks solved by these systems:

  1. Creating a database of enterprises and entrepreneurs.
  2. Sharing access to the system among enterprises; creating personal cabinets for different types of users.
  3. Creating an expanded knowledge database of normative documents, tax code, and FAQ.
  4. Working with different kinds of taxation.
  5. Accounting of materials, salary, strict accounting forms, cash, goods.
  6. Creating a bank statements.
  7. Integration with other CRM and ERP-systems.
  8. Creating a reporting system  (monthly, quarterly, and annual reports).
  9. Creating statistical reports.
  10. Issuing invoices, making reconciliation statements, certificates of completion, waybills, bills of lading, etc.

To develop and support your company’s accounting system, we offer you business analytics and consulting services. Our business analyst will assist you in drawing up the requirements specification, will set and describe the list of the project tasks. A team of developers will be built to work on and further support your project.

To secure your project functioning, we can perform daily back-up copying of initial codes and databases, as well as automatic virus filtering.

We are ready to promote your project on the web (SEO, context advertising, SMM, SMO).  We are experienced in establishing and managing social network communities, which contribute to your clients’ loyalty.

 MSWord-brief for ERP, CRM development