September 9, 2019

Everything is constantly changing and updating in the IT-industry. There are trends though that ordinary users should know. Today I would like to share information with you about http and https protocols, what the difference between them is, and what is better for SEO.

HTTP or HTTPS protocol

You probably noticed that some websites start with http, while others start with https. For example,, or,

HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) is a protocol, containing rules for transferring information across the Internet. The information left by the user on the website is transferred from the browser to the server.

HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure) is a protocol for secure transfer of information. This means that the information left on the website is transferred to the server in the encrypted form with the help of SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

What do http or https urls mean for the user? Well, information left on the websites with http protocol is transferred to the server in the usual form, whereas on the websites with https all the communication between the browser and the website is encrypted. For example, you fill out an online form on the website, or you want to pay for the service or product online using your bank card, or you would like to login to your personal account and you enter login and password. The information you left on the website using the http protocol is transferred to the server in the same way you entered it.

Whereas the information you left on the website with https protocol is sent to the server in the encrypted form. And if the hackers (and I must say there are a lot of these guys nowadays around) want to have an unauthorized access to your personal information, it is impossible! Because this information is encrypted. And it will take a lot of time and effort to decrypt it.

Thanks to https protocol, transferring information from these websites has become confidential. When visiting the website with https the user can see a lock in front of the website’s name. And at the same time he understands that it is secure to enter personal information on this website. This means for me as a user that when I want to buy a plane ticket on the website or, I can leave my bank card details and make a payment, being sure that this information will remain confidential.

http and https protocols


Many users often think that HTTPS and SSL mean the same. This is not accurate. HTTPS is a secure protocol that uses an encrypted SSL connection to transmit data.

HTTP and HTTPS - what is better for SEO

Being a SEO specialist, I can tell you that the main factor that Google and Yandex pay attention to is the quality of the website, it’s interesting and high-quality content for the user. Google and Yandex take into the account the following fact: does the website offer information and services the user wants to find on this website.

However, it has long been known that Google likes secure connection websites and does not like websites with http. The same is with Yandex now. Not long ago Yandex started to recommend websites with http to switch to https protocol. What I think is happening now - websites with https have more SEO advantage than http websites. Both Google and Yandex use https as one of the ranking factors. Therefore, I recommend the owners of the websites to switch to https protocol. The content and the quality of the website still remain the main factor affecting the ranking though.

To cut the long story short

HTTPS protocol makes the website secure and trusted by the users.

Natalia Khizhevskaya