Yii framework 3.0

September 16, 2019

The main specialization of my company is the development of projects and web applications on framework Yii2. Using Yii2 we develop startups, CRM systems, portals and mobile web applications for various business industries, including Logistics, Tourism, Auto Business, E-commerce, Human Resources, etc.

Besides Yii2 we also use other frameworks like Laravel, Symfony, Zend for development.

But most of our projects are developed on Yii2. There is a strong team of specialists in my company that like this framework and develop projects efficiently and quickly on a turnkey basis. We have been working with Yii2 for quite a long time.

We were surprised to read a statement made by one of the leading developers of Yii framework core, Pavel Klimov, in July 2018 that Yii framework is dying. The main reason, he said, was that Yii was not a commercial project, and core developers did not earn anything from it. According to him, their work in the project is based on enthusiasm and the help of Yii community.

However in March 2019 another leading developer of Yii framework core, Alexander Makarov, gave an interview where he said that Yii framework version 3.0 would be released soon. This is the second major rewrite of framework Yii after the release of Yii2.

How will framework Yii change in version 3.0

At the moment, there is only an alpha version of Yii3. So far, the major part of the version’s code is still under development. Therefore, the developers including us are recommended to wait for the release of Yii3. This will happen most likely by the end of 2019 or in the beginning of 2020. However there is already a demo version of Yii3 and developers who are interested can get acquainted with it on the net.

Yii3 – what new features should we expect?

1. The architecture of the framework will be presented in splitted packages. This will allow programmers to enable only the packages necessary for development.

2. JavaScript.

In Yii3, the source code will be based on independent JavaScript. This will simplify the work of front-end developers a lot. Yii2 was based on jQuery by the way. And if there is a need to enable jQuery, the developers will enable it as a separate package.

3. Compatibility of Yii3 with PSR (PHP Standard Recommendations).

4. Each package enabled for development (see p.1 above) will have its own configuration, which removes the problem of large files in Yii2.

Yii3 will be significantly different from Yii2. The good news here is that for the development of Yii3 they used all the good things from Yii2 and improved the defects.

According to Alexander Makarov, after the release of Yii3, Yii 2.0 version will be supported and will receive bug fixes for about 4 years.

We hope that the new version of Yii will be an excellent continuation in the development of this project.

Natalia Khizhevskaya