June 15, 2020

Our company develops internet projects of various complexity levels - CRM, ERP-systems, startups. We also develop mobile apps - native and web apps.

In this article I will give an overview of native apps vs web apps. And will advice you on which app is better for your project.

Native apps are mobile apps built for a specific operating system, such as Android or iOS. They are downloaded on a mobile phone from an application store - Play Market or App Store, respectively. They are fully optimized for the operating system they work on.

Mobile web app is actually a mobile version of your website. We add some functionality and develop a mobile installation package for publishing this web app in Play Market or App Store.

A user will see no difference between a native app and a web app except for application speed in some cases.

native apps vs mobile web apps

Native apps – pros and cons

Native applications have the following advantages:

- high application speed;

- ability to develop complex functionality (using the phone's built-in features - GPS, bluetooth, contacts, etc.).

The main drawback of a native app is its development cost. It is much higher compared to the development of a mobile web app.

Mobile Web Apps – pros and cons


- low development cost;

- you get one application for two platforms at once. We develop a web app, add native settings to make two apps and publish them in Play Market and App Store.

- one code. In case you need editing or additional functionality - we work with one code. So the price for additional functionality or corrections is lower than for native apps.

- application development time is shorter for webapps than for native apps.


- the application speed is not as high as in native apps;

- in development we can't use the phone's built-in features such as GPS, blutooth, compass, etc.

native app vs mobile web app - which is better for your business

Let's summarize

1. If you need a mobile app with simple functionality and your budget is limited – your choice is a mobile web app.

2. If the functionality of your project is complex, the project is expected to be high-loaded and you have enough budget, then your option is a native app.

If you need to develop a mobile app, please contact us by phone or e-mail us at info@simple.solutions! Our managers will advice you what mobile app is best for your project and discuss all the development details with you.

Natalia Khizhevskaya