June 18, 2020

Our company develops internet projects of various complexity levels – CRM, ERP-systems, startups. We also develop native mobile apps using Flutter.

Flutter is Google's technology for mobile app development. This technology allows developers to build applications for two platforms (Android and iOS) with one code.

When we develop mobile apps using Flutter for you, you have the following advantages:

1. We develop one code for both platforms, Android and iOS, at once. If you need to add new functionality to your app, you save your money. Because we add new functionality to one code only. Whereas if your mobile apps for iOS and Android are developed using different native technologies, you pay twice more.

2. The same thing is with bug fixing. Our developers work with one code. So they spend less time fixing bugs as compared to developers who fix bugs for two platforms in case applications are developed on different native technologies.

mobile app development using Flutter

3. In case we have developed an Android app for you and now you need an app for iOS, you save your money again. The development of a mobile app for another platform will cost far less than the development of an iOS app from scratch using another native technology.

Please note that if your application has complex functionality, for example there is integration with Google or Yandex maps, or GPS coordinates transfer, then the development cost of the second application will be almost the same as the development cost of the first application. However you will save on bug fixing and development of additional functionality, as mentioned earlier.

4. Ability to integrate native code (using Java technology, for example) into the app to develop specific functionality.

5. Using Flutter, our developers can create functionality of any complexity level.

If you need to develop a mobile app using Flutter, please contact us by phone or e-mail info@simple.solutions. Our managers will give you full information about the cost of your application and time needed for development. We will be happy to see you among our customers!

Natalia Khizhevskaya