Our company develops internet projects of various complexity levels - CRM, ERP-systems, startups. We offer several partner programs for promotion of our services in Russia, Western Europe and the USA.

1. Work with Partner Companies

If your company partners with us, the project is carried out on behalf of your company. When communicating with customers our developers work as your company's developers. We develop the project, submit each development stage for approval, move to the next stage, etc. Whereas you interact with the customers on payments and approval of finished tasks at each stage.

Communication here is carried out either by your manager, or by our project manager. Usually communication is on the partner's side. If the customer is from Western Europe or the USA, for example, our partner being a native speaker will better discuss the details of development and agree on a work plan with the customer.

Partner companies agree on the prices for project development with the customer. We work with partner companies at the rates, indicated in the partner contract. So our partners get the profit they set themselves.

we offer partner programs for companies and sales managers

2. Work with Sales Managers

We also work with remote sales managers. Sales managers promote our company's services in Russia, Western Europe, the USA. A sales manager can live in any part of the world selling our services in America, Europe, Asia. He introduces himself as our company's employee and communicates with potential customers worldwide.

When development starts, the sales manager can be the manager of this project. The second option - the sales manager finds the customer, we sign an agreement and we communicate with the customer directly.

The sales manager receives a certain percent of the project development cost. We develop each stage of the project, submit it to the customer for approval. As soon as the work is approved and we receive the payment from the customer, we pay a certain percent to the sales manager.

If you are interested to join our Partner programs, please contact us by phone or e-mail info@simple.solutions

We will be glad to welcome you as our reliable partner or as a successful sales manager of our services!