In this article we will talk about an alternative way of hiring developers. It 's called outstaffing. By outstaffing here we mean oustaffing of developers when we build and train a development team for your project.

If you are looking for a development team, there are several options you may try. Searching through your network of contacts, using the help of a recruiter, hiring developers from an IT company (this is actually outstaffing) and outsourcing of developers (usually it is used for project work). Let's talk about each of these options.

If your company is not an IT company, then hiring a good developer on your own would be quite difficult. Besides testing developer's skills and understanding his motivation, you will need to organize his work. But you don't have such experience. And you have to understand also that a good developer is hunted by IT companies with large HR-departments always and on regular basis.

If you hire a developer using recruiting services, this still won't guarantee that the programmer offered by a recruiter will fit your project. Recruiters usually offer a one-time service. They wait while the probation period of a developer is over and then you have to deal with all the risks mentioned in the paragraph above.

Outstaffing of experienced developers is usually expensive. There are a lot of companies that offer outstaffing. So you may think it's quite easy to find a developer for your project. But the reality is – there are not as many good developers. And those that are good and experienced usually stick to the project they work in and the company they work for. Usually a good developer finds a good project and doesn't want to change anything even if he is offered a better salary.

Outsourcing is usually offered for project work and here the team work is well-organized. For example, we have our own modules and mechanisms that we use for CRM or ERP development. As a result the customer is happy with a high-quality product. However this option is used for projects with a specified technical description and is not suitable for cases where you need to build a development team.

outstaffing services, we train a development team for your project

Usually IT companies train developers for their projects. They hire Juniors and while working on the project in a team, developers learn quickly and their level grows. This is the most effective option, besides it is the least expensive. The only drawback here is the speed of developers' work. It is well known that training developer to a higher level takes quite some time. We offer services in building a strong development team for your project.

The table below shows pros and cons for various options when building a development team:

  Cost-efficient Fast Easy Loyalty Teamwork
You hire experienced developers yourself + - - - -
Your company trains a development team + - - + -
Recruiting services + - + - -
Outstaffing of experienced developers - + + - -
Outstaffing services, we train a development team for your project + - + + +
Project work, outsourcing  - + + + +


The table shows that the best option for you may be outstaffing services, when we train a development team for your project.

We are ready to help you at all stages of the project:

1. We will find goal-oriented loyal developers. We will organize technical interviews with them to check their level. And we will consider their interests in learning new technologies.
2. We will organize the work process for the developers. We will build communication process within the team and organize team work.
3. We will help developers to be fast learners, we will teach them how to make fewer mistakes, we will organize a training process within a team.

As a result, you get:

1. A good development team which is cost-efficient.
2. Loyal remote employees willing to learn the technologies you need.
3. The ability to grow the team, to increase the workload for the project in a short period of time.