Yii framework review

Yii is a highly effective PHP framework used for agile development of large web applications. The framework provides a perfect solution of code re-use. Thus, web development process speeds up significantly.

The history of the Yii framework

The first attempts to create Yii were made in January 2008. It was the project, the task of which was to correct a number of defects in the PRADO framework that won the «Zend PHP5 Coding Contest» in 2004.

Working on PRADO, developers tried to make the ASP.NET technology compatible with the PHP platform. If you look at the source code, you will notice that many of its fragments are in complete accord with the ASP.NET code.


The features of Yii:

  1. High performance;
  2. Entry and validation of forms;
  3. DAO and ActiveRecord interfaces necessary for the use of databases (PDO);
  4. Internationalization support;
  5. Use of the AJAX technology;
  6. Integration with jQuery;
  7. Database migration;
  8. Simple customization;
  9. Interception and subsequent processing of possible errors;
  10. Third-party libraries support;
  11. Authentication and authorization;
  12. REST support;

Comparing Yii with other frameworks

Just like many other PHP frameworks, Yii is classified as the MVC framework. However, Yii has certain advantages over other frameworks: high efficiency, a wide range of features, and a high quality of documentation. Initially, this framework was thoroughly designed to meet the numerous requirements specified in the course of web development. Yii is not some pack of third-party solutions. This framework is the result of work of developers with a large experience in development of web applications.

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