Daily automatic backup of website source codes and database

  • Daily backup of the source codes
  • Daily backup of the database
  • Daily virus filtering
  • Restoring any lost website data
  • Creating a backup copy of your data at the remote server
  • Data encryption (256 bit Encryption)
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To be sure in safety of your source codes, we offer you the service of creating daily backup copies(backup creation).

Every day our script will access your website via FTP and download all source codes, including the database. These data will be saved at our remote server, and can be restored if necessary. You can restore the whole website or specific folders and files.

Here are the situations when a backup copy is necessary:

  1. A virus attack and damage of information. A virus can not only damage your website, but also lower its positions in search engines. Such website will get a mark of it having a virus. Restoring positions may take a long time, so it is very important to delete the virus immediately  and restore all the data.
  2. A user (programmer) accidentally deleted files from the server
  3. A user accidentally deleted files via CMS
  4. Loss or damage of server data due to a hosting breakdown
  5. Disconnection of the hosting for non-payment. In this case, we will have a full copy of your website.


We will be glad to answer your questions and provide you the service of creating a backup copy. Contact us via info@simple.solutions