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  • Large number of advertised projects
  • Fast ad placement and adjustment
  • Free adjustment of advertising campaign
  • Monitoring of the advertising campaign
  • Efficient budget use
  • Reporting
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Contextual advertising means placing an ad with a link to your website in search engine results. The user enters a key word and, besides the list of search results, sees your ad.

The cost of this service fully depends on popularity of a given word combination, i.e. on the amount of ads placed by your competitors.

Contextual advertising works the following way. You add a certain amount of money to your budget, and your ad is shown untill all the money is spent. Unlike SEO, in this situation the money is written off your account only when the user is directed to your website. If noone has clicked your ad, you won’t have to pay anything.

As a rule, if you want to place a contextual ad you must allocate a certain monthly budget and adjust exposures to maximize the efficiency of your advertising campaign. Incorrectly adjusted contextual advertising is many times less effective in comparison with the correct one.

Knowing words or word combinations, we can estimate your monthly budget. To enhance the effectiveness of your advertising campaign, we can adjust the word combinations you have suggested.

To estimate the cost of the contextual advertising we need the following information:

  1. The key words (word combinations).
  2. The geographic region, i.e. users from which countries or cities will see your ads.
  3. The website address.
  4. An estimated budget. Knowing the budget, we can adjust your list of key words and suggest you the best advertising option. We will reduce the budget if we find out that it fully covers the cost of your advertising campaign for all the key words.


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