How fast can you find the programmer we need?

We have our own base of programmers, that’s why the search will not take much time. As a rule it takes several working days.

What do you think to be the major motivation for the staff? What do you do to make the programmers stay in your company?

Major motivation of the staff consists of complex and individual approach to every employee. The work performed by every employee is very important, too. We try to give our employees the work they enjoy doing. More »

Do you work with freelance and remote employees?

We use the services of freelance programmers rarely. These are cases when we need a one-time work that requires specific technologies our experts cannot use. However we have already got a great experience in working with remote employees.

Do you have experience in working with payment systems?

Yes, we do. As a rule, all payment systems use similar algorithms, and we won’t have any difficulty working on a new one. Payment systems, interaction between social network APIs and other projects, creating our own APIs, organization of the secured informational exchange between the server and the user, information encryption and many others services – we have experience in all of these areas and we can perform all the necessary functionality in your project, too.

Can you guarantee that a one-year project will be performed in time?

Provided we are given a completed tесhnical assignment approved by our experts, we will observe the terms. We will work out a plan for us to follow. The agreement can include responsibility for breaking the terms.

Can I receive recommendations from your company and your clients?

Yes, you can. Contact us via e-mail and tell us about the project you would like us to develop. We will provide you with contact information of our clients who had projects with similar requirements.

Can you create a remote IT-department for our company? Can you form a team of programmers?

Yes. We are ready to create a remote IT-department or a team of programmers.

I have a large project. What will happen if a server breaks down or someone accidentally deletes a part of script?

To make sure the data can be restored in case of a server breakdown, we provide a service of daily back-up of the project’s source codes and database. More »

Can you find an expert in the technology you have not worked with?

Yes, we can. We are interested in expanding the range of technologies we have worked with. As a rule, experts in new technologies are required by our loyal clients who have collaborated with us in other directions.

Once the project is finished will I have the rights to it? Will I be able to change the source code?

Yes. We will provide you with the entire source code of your project. We don’t lay claims to any part of it. Other programmers will be able to make changes to the source code. We try to use standard development methods to make the further support easier. You won’t experience difficulties in finding experts to continue working on the project.

Do you provide discounts on project development or support?

Yes, we do. We provide discounts on project development or support as a part of mutually beneficial collaboration. For more details, please contact us via e-mail.

How much does a small website on Joomla cost?

We don’t do small one-time projects. We specialize in long-term projects. However, we can develop small projects under an agreement on project support.

Do you provide guarantees of SEO promotion?

We provide guarantees of promoting a website to the TOP list and maintaining a website on TOP list by key words. If the key word is not in TOP, we won’t charge you for a given period of time.

What services should I use – SEO promotion or context advertising?

It depends on your website and its topic. For a newly developed website, you should place context advertising (while your website is out of search results). Often we have to make SEO promotion and place context advertising at the same time. Usually it is more effective than each of these services provided individually. For more precise information, please contact us via e-mail.

We have an idea for a project and we are looking for a partner. We offer you a stake in our project in exchange for your services of website development. Are you interested in such an offer?

We are sorry, but we are not interested.

Can we invite your company’s representative to come to Lithuania to make a presentation of your services?

We would be glad to make a presentation of our services in other countries.

We conduct a tender for a large project and invite you to participate.

Send us your requirements, please. If we are interested, we will send you the required papers.