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It is difficult to find necessary IT-specialists, even for IT-companies themselves. A good specialist must meet a huge list of requirements: he must not just be highly qualified in terms of technical skills and have necessary knowledge, but he also must be self-motivated, responsible, and so on. To take into account all these moments when selecting a candidate, it is necessary to have enough experience in recruitment of such specialists and in collaboration with them. As we work in IT-area, we know it from the inside.

Nowadays Personnel Outsourcing are widely spread. It can be explained by the desire of the customers to save their time and money. Outsourcing can be a great privilege when you need just some narrowly focused specialists for a project and, at the same time, you don’t have a necessity to keep them on a full-time employment basis. Personnel Outsourcing guarantees their focus only on the project without performing millions of tasks at once.

Personnel Outsourcing is one of the services we provide because we understand the needs of our customers and do our best to provide them with the best IT-specialists for their projects. Each of our IT-specialists possesses deep practical knowledge, necessary experience and the desire for a successful implementation of the project. Focusing on the customer's needs in the first place, we offer our long-term experience in HR-area to select necessary specialists of different specialization, such as programmers, designers, managers, business-analysts, testers and SEO-specialists.

As far as we are highly experienced in Personnel Outsourcing we will help you to build a team of professionals possessing exactly such a set of knowledge, skills and technologies that you need. It could be a remote team for developing one project, as well as one specialist with necessary skills for remote maintenance of a web-site. These specialists can work both as full and part-time employees. If it is difficult for you to lay down requirements for a specialist or a team, please, contact us, we will help you to concretize requirements on the basis of the task in question.


The selection of candidates for the Outsourcing usually includes the following stages:

  1. The acquaintance with your project, your requirements for personnel, technologies, conditions of work. You can propose the way of cooperation you prefer, as well as a suitable cost of a specialist (per hour, per month).
  2. We analyze your project, your requirements and we conform the possible options with you.
  3. Using our long-term experience in HR-area we select necessary candidates. All the candidates pass a thorough selection, fulfil a test, indispensable for further successful work.
  4. The work of your remote specialist or team begins. 


This approach is much more efficient than filling vacancies through HR-agencies.

Our advantages:

  1. We are experts in recruiting IT-specialists, as well as in collaboration with them. 
  2. We help optimizing expenses. 
  3. We save your time you spend to find appropriate specialists. 
  4. We organize both the selection and theworking process. 
  5. We maintain the project all the way from the very beginning. We analyse the work and, if necessary, provide recommendations to the employees and the client. 
  6. Personnel recruitment is free - you pay only for their work. 


We are always glad to answer your questions and help with the remote staff search. Waiting for your e-mails to