Development of rideshare and carpool service

Development of rideshare and carpool service
Development of rideshare and carpool service
Development of rideshare and carpool service

Project description is a website for finding rideshares and carpool offers when traveling within Russia and the CIS countries. The website’s functionality allows the user to search and find the cheapest rideshare offers with the most convenient departure time. The user can book a seat, considering the driver’s preferences and rating.

The user can view his trips, confirm or cancel the trip if necessary, chat with the driver and view his pick up point on the map in the user’s account.

Besides the user can make rideshare offers online as a carpool driver. In this case the driver can offer a rideshare for a trip with multiple waypoints. The travel time and distance of the entire route is calculated. The carpool driver can set the price for the entire route as well as for all the route’s waypoints. The route’s planning functionality helps to figure out the best way to pick up and drop off passengers.

- registration / authorization of the user, auto-registration when booking; “remind password” functionality;
- list of rideshare offers considering the specified search parameters;
- ”Best prices” module for the next 12 days;
- booking seats online;
- user account: viewing booked trips, confirming or canceling trips, trip rating. The ability to offer a rideshare as a carpool driver, functionality “info about the car”, “my preferences”, ability to confirm driver's license with the help of a special service;
- booked trip functionality: map with coordinates “Where is my driver”, chat with the driver;
- notifications for booking a trip, trip cancellation, chat messages. Notifications by e-mail and SMS.

Russia, Ufa

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PHP-programming, HTML-coding. Work with Yandex.Maps API, work with service API, integration with sms-service.

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