Cross-platform mobile app development using Flutter


Cross-platform mobile app development using Flutter

We offer services in the development of native mobile applications for Android and iOS using Flutter, a framework for cross-platform development. Our highly experienced specialists develop mobile applications on a turnkey basis, taking into account all our customers’ requirements.

Flutter is a new open source tool developed by Google. It is used for simplified and speedy development of high-quality native mobile applications for Android and iOS. The important point with Flutter is that the created software can be a hybrid. It is possible to use the same code for iOS and Android operating systems.

Flutter has a considerable number of important advantages in comparison with other technologies:

- ability to develop native applications for two different platforms -Adroid and iOS- using the same code.

- there are different themes for iOS and Android. Flutter offers a sufficient number of features to provide native performance for iOS and Android respectively. The difference between the themes can be seen in the styles of widgets, fonts, colors of interface’s details.

-a serious set of widgets. In Flutter, everything is represented by widgets, including the structure of the layout, the class of application etc. The development of user interface is carried out as an assembly of the constructor from different parts.

- possibility to expand the functionality. The program works with various packages, including the packages designed to use the capabilities of Firebase, save settings, transfer data, perform HTTP requests, etc.

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