Custom CRM development from scratch vs Ready-Made CRM


Custom CRM development from scratch vs Ready-Made CRMNowadays most middle-sized and large businesses use CRM-systems. CRM is an automated system with a complex database and a serious set of functionality that helps to optimize company's business processes, systematizes accounting, and manages the interaction with customers.

The market offers a lot of ready-made CRM solutions.  The most important advantage of a ready-made CRM - it is much less expensive and much faster to implement compared to a custom CRM developed from scratch.

Ready-made CRMs have a standard set of functions, work with existing universal infrastructure, they are not customized for a particular business. Additional functionality can be developed, although in some cases it may be difficult to implement it into the existing system. The same applies to the integration of a ready-made CRM into third-party services – it is possible as a rule.

In most cases you have a subscription plan to pay for the use of ready-made CRMs, and usually  the payment depends on the number of users. There are also situations when the customer pays once for the purchase of a ready-made CRM, and then the system can be used at no additional cost. In both cases the source code of the software is the intellectual property of its’ developers.

If a ready-made CRM does not meet the requirements of your business, our company can develop a custom CRM for you from scratch. In custom development we take into account all the particularities of your business processes and the functionality of CRM is developed specifically for your business. This will help your business grow and work more efficiently.  You can easily add additional functionality into custom CRMs, integrate it with any third-party services such as 1C, IP-telephone, etc. Besides custom CRMs have an unlimited number of users, there is no monthly fee or any subscription plan.

When developing CRM from scratch, the source code and the intellectual property rights for the system will belong to you. You must understand - if you pay for individual development you have the intellectual property rights for this software.

If you are interested in developing a custom CRM from scratch, or you want to improve your existing CRM system and add additional functionality, please contact us by phone or email Our specialists will answer all your questions, advice you on what system you need for effective business development.

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