Development of a travel booking website


Development of a travel booking websiteThe project is a ready-to-go travel booking website.

You can find more than 2000 travel deals and cruises from various tour operators. New deals and packages are downloaded automatically with the help of API.

The main tools of the project are developed in such a way that both the system and its users work independently, without the help of technical specialists.

Functionality and features

  1. User’s accounts for different website’s participants with unique features (business owners, tour operators, common users -tourists, travel agencies – each of them have their own user’s accounts with different functions included);
  2. A large number of filters and a powerful search engine;
  3. A unique system "Prices’ Constructor", which allows owners of travel businesses customize all the details of pricing, including very complex schemes;
  4. An interactive map of travel destinations and tours;
  5. Automatic process of online booking with or without prepayment,  with different  options of holiday packages cancellation;
  6. Integration with the payment system Uniteller  (with low commission rate) for receiving payments;
  7. Integration with API of the two largest tour operators in Russia;
  8. An interactive chat, which allows travel packages’ owners to communicate with customers;
  9. A flexible system for creating travel packages, travel destinations and cruises which allows owners to create and control the pages for their objects independently;
  10. Statistics module that keeps track of the number of orders, money turnover, commissions, helps to track the revenue and effectiveness of the project;
  11. Automatic system for sending SMS-messages. Parties receive notifications on further actions and instructions by e-mail and via SMS at various stages of booking;
  12. Automatic system for generating meta-information (Title, Keywords, Description) necessary for successful SEO promotion.

You can consider the possibility of project customization - we will help you to adapt this travel booking website to your business, taking into account your needs and wishes.

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