Development of bus ticket booking app, carpool and rideshare app


Star-Bus is a mobile app for booking bus tickets online as well as for finding rideshares and carpool for traveling within Russia and the CIS countries. The development of bus ticket and rideshare mobile app Star-Bus allows the users of the website to book bus tickets or find rideshares using their mobile phones. The Star-Bus application is an Android app and can be downloaded for free by users in Google Play Market.

The Star-Bus app was developed by company Simple Solutions. The functionality of the app allows the user to book bus tickets as well as to find rideshares for the same destination at once. Besides app development, our company has developed an internal CRM-system with accounts for various types of users - passenger transport operators. The integration between the CRM system, the website and the Star-Bus app is carried out with the help of the API.

The Star-Bus app helps passengers to find a trip to a needed destination either in the bus schedule or in the list of offers from carpool drivers. The passenger can choose a suitable trip at best price, best time and place of departure. If there is no bus service in the needed area, the passenger can always find a rideshare. A good user interface allows the passenger to quickly search and choose the best option for booking.  

App functionality:

1. Authorization, registration, login, forget password. Autologin when buying or booking a ticket.

2. Search for bus tickets or rideshares in Russia and the CIS countries using filters "From", "Where", "Date" "Number of passengers".

3. Bus schedule for the chosen date. Filter by departure time, arrival time, travel time, price. Detailed trip description. Possibility to choose the hop on/hop off place.

bus ticket booking app          bus ticket booking app trip info

4. A list of rideshares for the same date with the above-mentioned filters. Possibility to view the preferences of carpool driver. Possibility to view rideshare passengers. Filter by the rating of carpool drivers.

rideshare app          rideshare app trip details

5. "Best prices" module for the next 12 days.

6. Booking or buying a ticket online.

7. User account:
- my bookings
- confirmation of trip in advance
- trip cancellation
- trip rating
- the ability to download a ticket
- "My geolocation" functionality

rideshare and carpool app, user account          rideshare and carpool app, user account trip details

8.Functionality for the booked trip:
- map with coordinates "where is my bus"
- chat with the driver

rideshare app, driver location

9. Notifications when buying a ticket, confirming your booking, when the trip is canceled by the driver, when there are new messages in the chat. Notifications by e-mail and SMS in some cases.

10. Notification in case of seats availability for the sold-out trip.

Types of apps

There are several types of mobile apps for booking bus tickets or rideshares in Russia and the CIS countries in Google Play Market.

1. Bus ticket booking apps. Among such apps are BUSFOR, Unitiki, INFOBUS, Atlas, etc.

2. Carpool and rideshare apps. Among them – BonusCar, BananaCar, inDriver, etc.

3. Apps for both bus ticket booking and rideshare at the same time. There are few applications with this functionality. Among them - Star-Bus, BlaBlaCar.

If you are interested in the development of bus ticket booking app, carpool and rideshare app, please contact us by phone or e-mail Our managers will answer all your questions and tell you which application is suitable for your business.

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