Development of highload projects on Go (Golang)


Development of highload projects on Go (Golang)

We offer services in the development of highload projects and websites in the programming language Go, an open source tool from Google. The experienced programmers of our company use Golang for development of highload applications as well as for development of high performance components for Android and iOS.

Go or Golang is a programming language that was created by a few Google programmers back in 2007 and introduced to Open Source in 2009. But Go has gained popularity over the past few years due to the fact that many well-known companies like Google, Spotify, e-Bay started using it efficiently.

Here are some good advantages of Go:

1. Go is a compiled language, and it is much faster than for example Ruby or Python, which is an indicator of its high performance.

2. Go has a clean and simple syntax, it allows to implement all standard tasks using the standard library. All this simplifies the work of developers when working on components and applications.

3. Go uses a multi-core processor architecture, it has efficient concurrency and allows multiple processes to run simultaneously, thanks to Go Routines and Channels.

4. Go is cross-platform and is used for different operating systems.

5. The “Garbage Collector” mechanism simplifies the work with memory, thus reducing the risk of errors in the code.

The main specialization of our company is PHP, framework Yii2. The Go programming language can be used in the projects on Yii2 for development of highload components for projects and mobile web applications.

If you are interested in the development of highload projects or high performance components for Android and iOS on Go, please contact us by phone or email

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