How to open a web agency?


It is a dream of many entrepreneurs to have a successful web agency. Nowadays providing services in the IT industry is in great demand.  And most likely this demand  will only grow with time. Having an IT business is not only profitable, but is also prestigious and convenient. This business helps to get more useful contacts,  your work is not a routine and you do something that you like. For some it is  programming, for others it is searching for new customers through personal contacts, meetings, presentations and conferences, there are also people who are interested in promotion of websites on the Internet and in search engines.

Opening a web agency from scratch for a beginner is a risky and complex process. At first you think that you can do everything in a short period of time: finding new customers and making good turnover. But in fact, the statistics says that only  a small number of entrepreneurs can successfully organize a new business, in particular a web agency. There are different reasons for that. For example, someone is good at programming, promoting of websites, or he is good at selling his services.  But he cannot organize everything correctly, because this organization requires additional skills that he does not have. One of the solutions in this case is to find a partner who has such skills and can contribute this way to the mutual business. But starting a business with a partner who, like you, does not see the whole picture of this project, is dangerous. As a result such partnership ends eventually in disagreements.

We offer our services in opening a web agency from scratch to business people  and IT specialists. Your experience in the IT industry is not necessary.

For example, if you are a programmer, we are ready to help you in opening a company, finding specialists and organizing their work, promoting the company on the market.  We have vast experience in this.  You will thus do what you like most, but still you will work for yourself.

If you have an opportunity and desire to work  in sales, and you are doing it great, then we will organize all the other aspects.

Services in opening a web agency can be divided into two types:

1. One-time help in opening a web agency. Then you can continue the work by yourself.

2. Constant cooperation. We continue to manage the web agency, keep it working for a share in your company or for a monthly payment. This option gives you the advantage -  we can share our customers with you when needed or we can share projects with you.  On the one hand we are interested in successful work, on the other hand your web agency may help us with additional resources, which we sometimes need.

If you are interested in opening your own web agency, please feel free to  contact us by phone or email. We will study your goals and vision of the project and advise you on what  steps should be taken to start it. You should not be afraid to look incompetent in some questions.

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