Recruiting of IT specialists

We would like to offer our services in recruiting IT specialists such as programmers, HTML-coders, managers, business analysts, marketing managers, designers. Our company has a vast experience in recruiting  specialists of different professional level for customers around the world.

Each specialist undergoes a preliminary selection by our managers on a well-developed methodology.  While selecting specialists of technical disciplines such as programmers, HTML-coders we ask them to pass additional interviews with our experienced developers.  This thorough selection allows us to offer to our customers specialists with proven professional knowledge of technologies.

While selecting specialists it is important to consider what project they will be involved in as well as what company will hire them for work. Before starting search for programmers and managers, our specialists study customer's requirements for technologies, working conditions, the specifics of upcoming projects. Considering the above-mentioned factors we can select the right candidates most effectively.

We set ourselves a much broader task than only selecting a candidate who meets the requirements of the customer. It is important for us not only to find the right specialist, but also to ensure that the customer has reached the set goals for work with this employee or for work on the project.  Therefore, our recruitment services for IT specialists can be supplemented and expanded to other related services. Among these services:

1.    Outsourcing, project work:

When working on small tasks or when part-time employment is implied, there is no need to hire a specialist full-time. Our company will help you to organize work on such projects, provide remote developers with full and part-time employment.

2.    Outstaffing:

If we have a specialist on the staff in our office who exactly meets your requirements, we can offer this specialist for work on your territory, in your office.

3.    Organization of office with remote developers or representative office:

Our company is not only ready to find the right candidates, but also is ready to organize the work of your remote office.


If you have any questions, we will be happy to hear from you.