Sales increase and search for customers

Increase sales


We offer services to increase sales for your business. We will help you develop a plan for the future promotion and increase sales: identify a niche in which you do work, a portrait of your potential buyer, prepare special offers. If you previously do not have experience in "Sales" and you find it difficult to correctly formulate a proposal, define to whom it may be interesting, then we are ready to carry out preliminary work in different directions, experiment with your offer and work out the most effective directions to increase sales.

Active sales and the search for customers

Work with internal factors

This should include the daily job of finding customers or requests for your services or purchase of goods:

  1. Cold calls
  2. Search through social networks
  3. Search through specialized resources
  4. Collection of database of addresses and sending e-mail with offers
  5. Participation in tenders
  6. The work at exhibitions and participation in exhibitions
  7. Working with current customers
  8. Working with past customers


  1. Creating a Web Site
  2. SEO-promotion, website optimization.
  3. SMM-promotion - creating and maintaining groups in social networks, paid advertising in social networks.
  4. Online reputation management.
  5. Contextual advertising.
  6. Creation of a partner network, working with partners.
  7. Activities, discounts, sales promotion.
  8. Placing information on specialized resources: advertising, announcements.
  9. Promote brand awareness of the company.Optimize pricing policy.
  10. Working with partners, joint advertising campaigns.
  11. Participation in conferences, seminars, their organization, workshops.


The cost of work depends on the type of work of the manager and how much time he spends:


   Hours per day

Cost per month

   Full employment

  8 hours per day


   Part-time employment

  4 hours a day


   Minimal employment

  From one hour per day

from 0

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