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Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of indispensable conditions for potential clients and partners to find your website. Website promotion means placing your website by chosen words (word combinations) to chosen positions in a specific search engine. After entering a key word in the search engine, the user will see a link to your website among top results. It is desirable for this link to be on the first page. This service is called TOP10 Promotion, i.e. promotion to the list of the first ten websites shown by a search engine according to a key word.

We offer you the following services: TOP10, TOP5, and TOP3 Promotion. The higher your requirements are, the more expensive is the service and the more challenging is the task. In this case, you pay for placing your website to the top list by a certain key word.

Besides the services with set requirements to the positions, we offer the service of complex website promotion. This means that your website is promoted by a number of key words at the same time. Effectiveness of this promotion reflects in increasing amount of visitors who are directed to the website by the search engine. This amount is easy to monitor: we can provide you with standard access statistics. For this kind of promotion you pay monthly.

Search algorithms are improving fast, which makes optimization specialists pay special attention to the website content and approach the website promotion as a complex service. In this case, it is necessary to consider website content, its structure, and its conformity to the subject of promotion. Providing this service effectively requires comprehensive understanding of all the requirements. Thus, in order to achieve the goal, a certain work must be done. Sometimes basic optimization is enough. In this case, it is provided free of charge.

Website promotion implies monthly maintenance of the positions achieved. It is necessary to save them. If maintenance is suspended, the position of the website lowers and it gets harder for users to find it.

Depending on the complexity of the task, website promotion takes from one to six months.

Price of each project is estimated individually. We consider its current position in search engines, its content, structure, date of establishment, etc.

To estimate the cost of the website promotion we need the following information:

  1. The website address.
  2. The list of key words. The key words are main directions of your activities or names of your products - in other words, everything you specialize in. We may suggest adjusting your list, so you could save some money or use only the most effective key words.
  3. The geographic region for promotion (Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Minsk, etc.).


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