Social Media Marketing, SMM promotion

SMMWe offer Social Media Marketing (SMM) services to promote your business on social networks such as VK, Instagram, Facebook, Odnoklassniki, Twitter, LinkedIn and others.

We propose the creation of groups in social networks, where we can:

  1. Post information about your products or services
  2. Post interesting thematic articles, pictures that will be of interesting for subscribers.
  3. If there are many subscribers and visitors in the group, we can organize contests, prizes to play.
  4. Comment posts of other users, set huskies.
  5. Engage users in a group from other related groups.

Additionally, for the promotion of groups in social networks:

  1. Paid advertising of group
  2. Development and promotion in your niche + SEO. Often it's enough to create one page (Landing Page) with information about the goods / services with links to the group. 
  3. Create online store or other solution.

The cost of work depends on the type of work of SMM-manager and how much time he spends:


  Hours per day

Cost per month

  Full employment

  8 hours per day


  Part-time employment

  4 hours a day


  Minimal employment

  From one hour per day

from 0


We will be glad to answer questions and help you in finding staff.

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