Support of popular frameworks- and CMS-based websites

  • Free for small websites
  • Wide range of supported technologies
  • Popular frameworks and CMS
  • Experienced staff
  • 3rd party source code support
  • Flexible price policy
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Nowadays you can find lots and lots of different websites on the Internet. Each of them was created to serve a special purpose. However, as time goes by, the purpose, requirements to their content, functions and design change. For small websites, this implies changing contact information, adding new data, and correcting current data. Larger websites often need further improvement and development: adding new sections and functions, optimization of current algorithms and data storage. Altogether with the growing nubmer of visitors of a website, the necessity to revise a part of the code and the database structure appears.

This work is called website support and is provided continually. Depending on the client’s needs, we find the optimal collaboration scheme and provide support to both small and large websites developed by both our company or by other experts.

Cost of the website support depends on the amount of time spent on adding changes to the project. If the project requires much work, one or several of our programmers work on the project 8 hours a day. For small projects, one programmer with part-time employment is enough. Only knowing all the client’s needs we can determine how much time and how many programmers, html-coders, and designers this project will require.

For simple websites or projects, where corrections are needed not so often, we offer free-of-charge support services.

To make the process more efficient, our developers run daily a report where they record how many hours and on what tasks they worked. You can monitor the work being done on your project by yourself or through our manager. The manager will be able to spare you the burden of managing the project and increase work efficiency.


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