Vacancies for PHP, .NET, Java programmers and HTML-coders

Our company is always ready to look through the CVs of various developers, such as programmers (PHP, .NET, Java) and HTML-coders. We try to give our employees the work that will be interesting for them, taking into account their professional skills and experience.

Requirements for applicants:

  1. 2-3 years of experience in a specific technology. For example, a PHP-programmer with 4 years of experience of work with Yii-framework.

  2. A persuasive CV (resume)

Working conditions:

  1. Full- or part-time employment (e.g., 4 hours per day).

  2. Remote or office work

You can download and fill in our CV template. Please, describe in details your former places of work, participation in projects, your achievements, working experience as a teamlead (if you have), technologies that were used in the projects. Also, write down your experience of work with different technologies, into a separate table (in years for each technology).

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